In 1970, together with Gianni Ascarelli, Evaristo Nicolao and Maurizio Macciocchi, he created Transit Design, a Group which operates in the fields of architecture, urbanism, design and interior design. Within Transit Design (, he is presently responsible for the interior design and the design departments, with the assistance of Fabrizio Campaiola, Daniela Corrente, Matilde Guerra, Regina Morgioni and Alessandra Seggiani. The guiding principles which inspire his work in interior design may be found in each particular project. Among such principles are interpretation of the preexisting context, continuity with the site and culture to which it belongs, synthesis between languages of the past (so often visionary) and signs of our times, search for the correspondence between shape and its content.

One cannot be without having been

Each project is born and takes shape through the “métier” of the architect who, by preserving and giving life to the spaces - and who, by doing so, often discovers unexpected potentials – explores the capability of our construction and decoration tradition to describe itself, translated and decoded to meet the requirements of our times. The results of this constant research materializes into a project/organism whose complexity and consistency is utterly clear, both in its entirety and in its details: the design.
Each piece takes shape and life from the whole in which it is contained and from the character that distinguishes it, and expresses itself through an essential and rigorous design. By renewing itself in ancient and new shapes, each piece evokes the context from which it originated and tells its own history.